Each of us has a story to tell and each of us has a voice with which to tell it. When we come together with our diverse experiences, when we gather with our unique stories, we have the capacity to evoke a united whole that is greater than each could do on their own. A collective is like a jewel, with many facets coming together in a fascinating and shining unity. This is the beauty of our Downtown Story Collective.

We are a group of downtown storytellers–writers, photographers, and visual artists–working together to share our collective story. We meet in the chapel room at Our Place on Monday nights from 6:30pm until 8:30pm to discuss our projects, work on them, collaborate, and enjoy being with one another. Some of us were involved with the DSC when it self-published a book in November 2013, and then again in the summer of 2015. But each week there are new faces so if you are interested in putting pen to paper or exploring your creative side, please come for a visit.