Who We Are

We are a mixture of men and women, young people and older people. Each of us is struggling with something, be it an addiction, mental illness, homelessness, heartbreak, loss… All the day-to-day realities of being human. The group is facilitated by volunteers who strive to maintain a safe and collaborative space, and to be attentive to the desires and goals of the collective.


The mission of the Downtown Story Collective (DSC) is to be a space where downtown stories can be told by downtown people. We meet to support one another, to develop our skills individually and collectively, and to work towards sharing our stories with a wider audience.

Many people face barriers that limit their capacity to share their important story. When some of us are silenced by lack of funds, materials, or connections, society as a whole suffers from a biased perception of our shared reality. The mission of the DSC is to draw attention to contribute to our whole story, which is a collective one.