What We Do

We gather at 6pm for some cookies and catching up. Starting around 6:30, a typical session will include a short discussion, followed by a creative time (individual and collaborative). Around 8:00 we share something that we have been working on with the group, listen to one another, and offer support. The session wraps up at 8:30pm.

In general, we share the things we are working on, we try new techniques, bounce around ideas, and collaborate. The collective is a space where each person is able to express themselves and the unique stories they carry with them.

Our Place Society Chapel Room (second floor of 919 Pandora Ave)
Monday, 6:30pm-8:30pm



  1. I’m relatively new to Victoria, having arrived last spring from Ontario and I would love to come and possibly join the group. I don’t exactly live in the Downtown area, but I can’t afford the writing class I took in Fernwood in the summer, and am looking for a group similar to one I was in in Vancouver a few years ago, where we just write, talk about our writing, gove a bit of feedback in a safe envirnment. Could I come out and be at a session next Tuesday evening? Thank you, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    We just started the Downtown Story Collective group back up in 2015. We meet Monday evenings at 6pm in the chapel at Our Place Society on Pandora. If you are still interested in trying out our group, please let me know.

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